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Group or Individual?

Whether you’re an experienced traveller or about to take your first independent journey, Discovery Holidays can create the perfect package for you. You can choose shared or individual support on group getaways or enjoy one-to-one support on a getaway of your own choice, either off-the-shelf or designed just for you.

Let’s go SOLO

» Travel when YOU want to

» Reach your goals with individual support

» Cost your trip to meet your budget

» Choose a getaway from our catalogue or create your own dream trip

The beauty of GROUPS

» Meet new people

» Make new friends

» Share the fun

» Choose from fabulous itineraries

» Share the costs for lower prices

Who will share my journey?


Discovery Holidays guides will escort and support you throughout your travel experience and are carefully chosen to ensure appropriate qualifications, experience and skills are available for a safe and stress-free holiday. Discovery Holidays guides’ primary aim is to ensure a quality holiday experience, leaving you with only happy memories.


On group holidays you will be travelling with like-minded individuals to new and exciting destinations. We understand that everyone is unique, but our expert team is careful to consider factors such as age, preferences and previous travel experience to deliver a socially inclusive and enjoyable time for every traveller. You’ll have the confidence not only to explore your world but also to forge new friendships.


Do you want to catch up with old travel companions or invite your best mate or family member to share your holiday experience? Our team can match you with Discovery friends you’ve met before or find a way for you to travel with your partner, friend or family member. It’s time to embark on new travel adventures with those you love!
Fred at the airport ready for his holiday
“Everything was very well-organised. I was kept well informed about Fred’s holiday. Fred had a great time and enjoyed every minute of his holiday. He talked about the plane, the birds, the dancing and singing, and meeting the Captain on the plane. Fred loved his police hat, his drum and guitar he had bought.”
DIANNE (Fred’s sister)
BALI – JUNE 2019