Local Stay-cations

Taking a break locally is a fantastic way to get out of the house and take a break from your usual routine and try new things.

Individual Stay-cations offer supported (1:1) stays close to home in comfortable apartment style accommodation. Personalised activities let guests pursue their own interests while supported to stay safe and practise social distancing.  Activities include visiting the beach or outdoors, cooking, picnics, completing a personal art project, learning a new skill, playing board games or just relaxing with in-room TV entertainment and movies. 

Our team supports individuals and families to customise supported experiences to suit a range of personal outcomes and flexible family respite solutions.




Short-term Supported Accommodation (STA)

We provide a range of supported solutions to families and services seeking multi-day out-of-home support, family respite, transitional accommodation and emergency respite services. 

Typically services are between 2 and  14 consecutive days in duration. Options are available to meet more medium term solutions for guests requiring accommodation assistance. 

Our experienced community support team provides a range of services that are tailored to meet your preferences and match you with the right support for you.  Together, we will  co-design a personalised service plan to support you to achieve your goals. 

We are are a registered NDIS provider in Western Australia of and can provide a suite of community support services.  STA funding is included in NDIS core funding. 

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