1–5 FEB 2022 | 5 DAYS

This exciting five-day tour, centred on Busselton, has something for everyone. We'll visit Mammoth Cave, the most accessible of all the show caves in the region, a magical time capsule that's home to ancient fossil remains of long-extinct giant animals. After dark you’ll explore the Australian bushland and get up close and personal with possums, bandicoots, frogs and the critically endangered Woylie (brush-tailed bettong), a very rare member of the kangaroo family, also known as the ‘kung-fu roo’ because of its amazing agility and quick reflexes. A visit to the Margaret River Museum will give you an insight into the life of settlers in the early 20th century, and you’ll also get the chance to see the country’s tallest mainland lighthouse at Cape Leeuwin, at Australia’s most southwesterly point.

Tour Code: 0222GYALLI


$ 3349
1:3 Guest Services
$ 4584
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$ 8289
1:1 Guest Services
$ 360
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