Social Solutions WA was established in 2013 to provide innovative out-of-home support solutions and social opportunities for adults with a disability. Offering a range of community support options our team deliver individual and group-based services to more than 200 regular members annually. Since 2013 the company has delivered an annual catalogue of popular supported excursions and tours through it’s registered travel agency Discovery Holidays.

Social Solutions WA is a registered NDIS provider in Western Australia and provides alternatives to families and services seeking short term community based support solutions. Now, in our 7th year our team have local offices in Western Australia and Queensland. 

Our Vision

Our vision is communities are inclusive and social experiences are accessible to everyone.

Our Aims

To encourage social belonging, mental well-being, active participation and lifelong learning for adults with disabilities.

To promote welcoming, accessible, and inclusive communities through active participation, strong partnerships, and by raising business and public awareness.

Discovery Holidays