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About Discovery Holidays

Discovery Holidays understands that accessible holidays are about more than just getting away. Holidays are a time for relaxation, they are an opportunity to appreciate all that is amazing about the world, and most of all, to have an experience that creates memories that last a lifetime. This is why our team work hard to find trusted accommodation and transport providers that understand our traveller’s unique needs and share our passion for providing a caring and safe environment for our guests.

Our Story

We want to share a little of our story, so you will know how we got here and why we believe in a world where anything is possible.

Established in May 2013, Discovery Holidays began in the South West region of Western Australia delivering new opportunities for quality social, leisure and travel experiences for adults living with disability.

Now, in our 5th year and with 100’s of successful holidays complete, our team have local offices in South West, WA and Gold Coast, QLD.

We believe in the positive promotion of inclusive tourism through participation, strong supplier partnerships and raising community awareness.


To be a world leader of inclusive, innovative and accessible travel services in the tourism market, making communities accessible to everyone. 

Mission Statement

Be the market leader in the provision of quality supported holidays and inclusive travel service solutions. 



Everyone is treated with dignity and respect


Challenge the status quo and find new ways 


Together we can achieve more 


Build authentic connections


What we do, we do well 


We pride ourselves on providing quality, safe, flexible and memorable supported holiday experiences every time.

Why Choose Us

We aim to provide quality packaged tourism, entertainment and social experiences that are unique, fun, safe, customer focused and value for money. All our tours are supported by our core support services including;


Our experienced staff can provide specific communication support for guests with speech, hearing and visual impairments using a range of preferred techniques, key word sign, devices and aids.

Travel & Well-being

Our guests are supported to experience a fun, relaxed, stress free holiday. Our friendly staff offer social support, guidance, companionship and reassurance to ensure guest comfort and enjoyment.


We assist guests travelling with a walker, wheelchair or mobility aid and help with stairs, transfers, transport, and flights as required. Hire equipment can be arranged for hoist, shower chairs and commodes on reservation.

Personal Care

Private personal assistance is available with all activities of daily living including, eating, showering, grooming, dental care, dressing, continence management and personal hygiene. Individually tailored to suit guest preferences.


Qualified staff can provide assistance with Webster packed or unit dose medications, eye drops, creams, inhalers, CPAP, diabetes support, nutrition management or modified diets as required.


Staff can assist with passport, valuables and document storage, luggage, money handling, communicating with family while you are away and a range of other services.

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